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Opening days:

Fore Play Crazy Golf

Tuesday - Sunday 124 Portman Street, Glasgow, G41 1EJ

Timespan River Cafe

Monday - Sunday Dunrobin Street, Helmsdale, KW8 6JA



We started our adventure in April 2016 with our Food Truck. After 3 seasons of trading we decided to move indoor as you know outside can be pretty cold.

At the moment you can find us at two different locations.

Fore Play Crazy Golf in Glasgow is new venue opened from September 2018 and we are glad we are part of it. You can check the

 Golf course and book your visit


Timespan Heritage Centre and Museum in Helmsdale is our second location where we are running Timespan River Cafe from April 2019. You can check the museum and beautiful nature of Highlands right here.


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